November 21 &22, 2020 Fall Auction

Auction Details

Long guns, hand guns, crossbows, compound bows, archery equipment, ammo, reloading, tools, tractor, snowmobile, trailers, fishing and lots more outdoor sporting goods items. Please note there will not be any live viewing the day of the auction. Viewing must be done by apportionment only, prior to the sale date.
Additional Information
USA Buyers: YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL PERMITS, CUSTOMS AND DUTY CHARGES APPLICABLE! Your purchases will be shipped once we have received an ATF importation Permit from you. To acquire a Permit, an ATF Form 6 application completed by a licensed FFL Dealer with importation rights must be submitted. NOTE: NOT ALL ITEMS CAN BE IMPORTED TO THE USA SO BUYERS BEWARE. Check with the Bureau of ATF at (304) 616-4550 for more info, or your local ATF authority. Canadian Prohibited
Auction items coming soon!This auction's items are not yet available to view online.
They will be listed here as soon as they are ready.