The African Big Game Trophy Collection of Sheldon H. Weinstein

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Mr. Sheldon H. Weinstein, a life-long hunter from London, Ontario, dedicated 20 years to capturing the world’s most majestic and elusive animals. A life member of Safari Club International, he was also dedicated to the most ethical and responsible practices in hunting, wildlife conservation, and wildlife management.

His destinations included Africa, Iran, Mongolia, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Canada, and the United States. By the time he fired his last shot, Sheldon’s compilation was deemed one of the largest private, big game trophy collections in Canada, with a number of impressive world record book entries.

Sheldon’s trophies have been diligently maintained since his early death in 1992, assisted by the talented craftsmanship of two renowned taxidermy companies: Klineburger Enterprises (Washington State, USA) and Pine Ridge Taxidermists (Ontario, Canada). Some natural hair loss and small hide cracks have appeared over time, which happens to all big game trophies. Most are inconspicuous and may be expertly restored.

Landsborough Auctions is pleased to offer you, for the first time in the collection’s history (circa 1960-1980), a once in a lifetime opportunity to own some of its truly magnificent African specimens.
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